Hi-Call GSMK10 emergency loud speaker set: 1 db RW10A wristband, 1 db RGSM10 wall unit

Brief description

Hi-Call® GSMK10 is an emergency bracelet, which is always at hand for elderly people who live alone or colleagues working by themselves at a certain premise. By pressing an SOS button one can easily start a phone call to pre-programmed phone numbers.
This emergency system consists of an RW10A bracelet and an RGSM10 module.


  • Emergency bracelet with SOS panic button, built-in radio communicator, without localization, emergency call with one touch
  • Easy to carry, does not hinder in work, waterproof
  • Standby time up to 24 months
  • RGSM10 emergency stationary, wall unit with built-in radio GSM caller, radio communicator, GPRS modem, sounder, microphone, antennas, 230V power supply, call button and “cancel call” button.
  • Three numbers can be stored, the voice call is made in set order; the priority is the No.1 phone, if it is not available, then the device calls No.2 and then No.3.
  • SIM card is required for operation. (Supplied without SIM card).

Package contains

  • RW10A (NL-NS-B): small sized emergency bracelet with panic button, without localization, with built-in radio communication
  • RGSM10 wall unit: a wall-mounted receiver unit, with built-in radio GSM caller, radio communication, GPRS modem, sounder, microphone, antennas, 230V power supply, call button and “cancel call” button.

Technical Description

A karkötő súlya: 26g


• Emergency call to a relative’s phone: call or, in special mode, text message
• Emergency set registered at remote monitoring service


  • Fall detection function – instead of bracelet RW10A the set can be requested with RW10B-MD (L-NS-B) device with “man down” function. Fall is detected by sensors; the transponder is to be worn around the neck or on the belt.
  • RGSM10 GSM range expansion unit – more RGSM10 units can be placed in one system, e.g. one in the kitchen, one in the room, and other one on the terrace for better coverage and sound transmission.
  • Bracelet colour choice: black RAL8022 house+black plastic belt (standard); RAL1013 white house + black plastic belt; RAL1013 white house + beige plastic belt; RAL1003 yellow house + Black plastic belt; RAL1013 white house + white plastic belt
  • Monitoring of vital functions, RHS health care – MDB10A MediBelt chest strap for monitoring vital functions, body temperature, heart rhythm and fall detection


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