ProxerGate M3E forgóvilla ejtőkarral, beépített Proxer7-HF NFC, QR olvasóval, Ethernet interfésszel

Brief description

The ProxerGate3M turnstile is an intelligent rotary armed entry gate allowing controlled personal entry. The ProxerGate3 turnstile is a modern designed, aesthetic looking automatic gate. The solid and firm metal body holds the three-arm rotor unit, the intelligent electronic board, sensors, encased in corrosion-resistant high-alloy steel.


  • Automatic, motorised, distance sensor equipped rotary gate
  • Can be integrated to access control systems
  • Fire Alarms Systems connectivity
  • Bidirectional passage monitoring
  • High level security access control
  • Anti pass-back function
  • High-gloss, chrome-nickel stainless steel framework
  • Designed for indoor use, optionally outdoor is available
  • Exclusive design
  • High flow rate: 20 people per minute


Certain applications require free passage at all gates in case of an emergency signal is triggered by fire or distress alarm systems. There are two types of gates according to emergency responses.

ProxerGate3M: basic type. In case of a fire emergency the Proxergate3 rotary arm automatically switches into free to turn mode.
ProxerGate3ME: drop armed version. In case of a fire alarm the rotary arm is automatically dropped, providing free passage.


  • Állvány, tartóláb acélból, akár egyedi faburkolattal, mellyel az eredeti fali kivitel helyett egylábú forgóvilla lesz

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