WLPS Customer Tracking System - RTLS for Applications in Supermarkets

Brief description

WLPS – a Wireless Local Positioning System compounds active RFID transponders (TAG) mounted on trolleys and shopping baskets, which help to track and record the path they went in real time. In this way you can gather new and objective information about shopping customs and send promotion material.


  • Iidentification transponder tags
  • Optional multitouch screen tablets mounted on every shopping trolley
  • Communication between tags and coordinators, server
  • Inside the tablets is placed an active RFID transponder safely, which transmits its own identification, the visible “number plate”, on high frequency.
  • Tolerance threshold of environmental temperature: between -20 and +60 C.
  • Server: PC Pentium Multicare
  • 'Where Are You' Software
  • Connecting coordinator stations
  • Fixed place for server not needed
  • Integration into local IT network
  • Client computers can be switched into network
  • Sleep mode increases battery life


  • Ebből az adatbázisból a ráépülő feldolgozó program számos információt szolgáltathat pl.:
  • jelenleg hány kocsi van a megfigyelt területen,
  • hol vannak a legnagyobb gyakorisággal felkeresett területek,
  • egyes kocsik milyen útvonalat járnak be,
  • egyes vizsgált árucsoportokat milyen gyakran keresnek fel.


Product Code: 141507